50% increase in the number of students who successfully launched their ventures after the program.

78% students were connected with like minded individuals for partnerships.

IMPACT REPORT (2015-2016)

88% participants significantly improved or pivoted their business model.

UpGrad Entrepreneurship Program

91% students feel that UpGrad definitely helped them succeed

To recognize, kindle, and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in India, we launched the UpGrad Entrepreneurship Program in last November (2015)

In the past 11 months, we have got over 5,000 applications for the program, selected 400 of the most driven applicants, nurtured them and seen the successful graduation of the first two batches with 263 participants, while the third batch is currently running.

As we now approach the commence of our fourth batch, we reached out to our alumni across India to gather their feedback and put together an impact report. It is with extreme pleasure, that we share with you the stories of  these
tenacious entrepreneurs, their learning, and their now growing businesses.

Ronnie Screwvala

Co-founder, UpGrad

Accelerating the journey of 263 graduates.

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