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Suresh Naidu

Associate Director of Data Science

WNS Global

Hands-on: Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning

October 8th | 11:00 AM 


What will you learn?


Harvard labeled the designation of a Data Scientist as the sexiest designation of the 21st century.

The organizations in the Indian ecosystem have used the designation across the spectrum. What are the layers of challenges that data scientists solve in data as well as organizations? How does the role of a data scientist change across different industries and sectors? 

Mr. Suresh hopes to establish a firm grounding on who is a data scientist and how to be best in class. He will take you across the daily, weekly and monthly challenges, projects and teams that a leading data scientist works with. 

Join this workshop to learn the pillars of data science expertise and how you can align your career for a shift into the domain. 

Collaboration with Engineering and Product Management team to develop products

Learn the pillars of Data Science Expertise

How you can tune yourself to stand out in this domain

Suresh P comes with over 17 years of experience in predictive data analytics, business analysis, data engineering, and solution architecture. He has been instrumental in applying and deploying advanced machine learning, natural language processing and optimizing algorithms to deliver effective solutions to various client. He is currently serving as the Senior Group Manager - Data Science at WNS GLOBAL SERVICES.

Meet the Speaker

 Suresh (Naidu) P

Date: October 8th, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Venue: UpGrad Xchange, Commune Coworks, 139, First Cross Road, V Block, A Cross Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Event Details

Learn the pillars of data science expertise and how you can align your career for a shift into the domain

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