Beta Tester (Content) 

Virtual | 6-12 Months

Who are we?

UpGrad is an online education platform for working professionals where we provide the most industry-relevant and in-demand programs delivered in an extremely engaging manner through the online medium. 

Currently, we have five programs — Data Analytics, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Business Idea Validation.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic beta testers who can provide rigorous and detailed feedback on the overall learning experience of any of the above or yet-to-be-released UpGrad programs. You would have to assess the program’s content correctness, ease of understanding, and suggest areas for improvement.

What is expected from you?

Beta Testers will be expected to do the following:

1. Review the course material before its release and provide detailed feedback.

2. Your review should include the following components:

  • Sample screen recording of some of the activities you undertake while reviewing the program content. This would include watching the videos, reading the text, answering the questions, web browsing, attempting assignments and so on. You would be required to upload your screen recordings to a common drive.

3. For each video, clearly mention —

  • The topics which were not clear after watching the video. You should mention if you did not understand the topic at all, or if you had to do a substantial amount of external research in order to understand it.
  •  A detailed description of what was not clearly delivered.
  •  Your suggestions for improvement, with accompanying reference links.
  •  Point out ambiguities in questions/options.
  •  List your doubts, suggestions, or possible questions regarding the assignments/exercises.
  •  Give an overall rating to the session, and mention any suggestions overall.

What will you get from it?

You will receive a course audit certificate from UpGrad

You will be awarded a beta tester certificate from UpGrad/ partnering institute

You will have a first user access to a highly-priced and exclusive program

You will be part of a strong network of beta testers for e-learning courses

Course Audit Certificate 

Beta Tester Certificate

Course Access

Beta tester community

Excited about the opportunity?